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  • hypothetiks

    December 1st at 8:01pm
    23 2

    who wore it better?


    2 days ago
    oh you 😘 @sam.seabourne


    3 days ago
    You defiantly wore the beanie better 👍 @hypothetiks
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  • hypothetiks

    November 30th at 6:52pm
    12 1

    god, that is one bad moustache


    4 days ago
    Aha! I knew I knew that moustache face combo😂
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  • hypothetiks

    November 28th at 2:55am
    11 0

    it was good to see family this weekend

  • hypothetiks

    November 26th at 10:26am
    9 0


  • hypothetiks

    November 22nd at 8:35am
    2 0

    some post-assignment good times with the best film ever, kubo

  • hypothetiks

    November 22nd at 3:37am
    4 0

    had the tiniest vent because #lear sucks. pen ran out of ink. paper helps

  • hypothetiks

    November 21st at 11:24pm
    11 0

    went to see fantastic beasts for a second time. just as good. noticed the more subtle things. it has one of my favourite cinematic shots of all time in it. go and see it xoxo dan

  • hypothetiks

    November 3rd at 5:27am
    19 0

    these past few years have gone by so quickly. it doesn't feel right to condense them into 19 seconds. pretty grateful for all of it if I'm honest

  • hypothetiks

    October 24th at 2:03am
    14 0

    listening to yiruma and having fun writing again. life is good. (it's basically the song of achilles fan fiction for class though) (but it's fun nonetheless) (I like using brackets) (also listening to the kingdom hearts soundtrack and crying)

  • hypothetiks

    October 22nd at 5:12pm
    12 0

    the one with the third nipple

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