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Drummer, husband, dual citizen. Check out my band @ www.minorstars.com - album two coming soon!

  • iainwatt

    January 21st at 6:08pm
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    Can't beat a $1 score! This thing is going for $30+ on eBay...love this record and the marbled style!


    1 day ago
    Jealous! Congrats
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  • iainwatt

    January 15th at 3:05pm
    16 0

    Food for me, sir?

  • iainwatt

    January 14th at 2:59am
    12 2

    What a record.


    8 days ago
    @jennyhagans I know! Memories of many hazy nights :-)


    9 days ago
    Limelight days!
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  • iainwatt

    January 12th at 2:16pm

    Foggy one this morning...

  • iainwatt

    January 11th at 1:38am
    14 0

    Those of you who have known me for a while will understand how happy I am to finally have a drum set in my house! I can finally shake off some rust and get creative while at home. And who knows, maybe I'll do some fun recordings on here with it too. Really excited to be able to play any time I want too!

  • iainwatt

    January 7th at 2:12pm
    11 0

    Not as much snow as expected, but snow nonetheless!

  • iainwatt

    January 6th at 4:10pm
    3 0

    Looks like we're in for awesome weather this weekend!

  • iainwatt

    December 25th at 8:51pm
    13 1

    I wonder how long it'll take me to go through these...


    22 days ago
    seeking ambassadors please DM
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  • iainwatt

    December 25th at 1:23am

    Xmas Eve Roast!

  • iainwatt

    December 20th at 11:29pm

    Our new home is shaping up nicely!

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