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    June 21st at 7:29pm
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    This is how it goes when you don't have a flagpole.

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    June 21st at 6:14pm
    9 1

    Evan is wearing his dash with pride.


    4 years ago
    And by dash I mean sash.
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    April 30th at 12:50am
    4 0

    The kids had a fun time @bcplace

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    April 23rd at 8:59am
    5 0

    Proud owner of livestock

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    April 9th at 12:37am
    4 0

    Easter fishing

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    April 7th at 9:41pm
    3 0

    The neighborhood hawk. In winter, he watches our bird feeder.

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    April 7th at 5:29am
    7 0

    Good night from Vancouver

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    April 1st at 9:52pm
    1 0

    It's a good Sunday

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    March 31st at 5:38pm
    6 0

    Watching TV

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