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    November 28th at 4:58pm

    Sunrise over the marsh - so glad the Author of this scene is a personal friend

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    October 12th at 11:18pm

    This is the butt end of Hurricane Nicole,pushing winds out of the northeast across the bar

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    October 6th at 1:14am
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    Pre-hurricane sunset in central Florida

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    September 28th at 3:49pm
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    Northland Church families feeding needy families in the Compound - #foodbasketlove

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    September 28th at 3:47pm
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    The Blessing of the Hands in Jamaican beach sand - leaving our imprint where He leads us #IsleGO missions


    2 months ago
    A life changing experience for me...the Blessing of the Hands
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  • islego

    September 26th at 4:50am
    18 2

    It's too hot to be fully camoed up.


    2 months ago
    Barely recognized you. Good thing I'm not one of the pigs your hunting.


    2 months ago
    Gosh, you scared me 💀😝
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  • islego

    September 23rd at 7:22pm
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    Lots of wild pork on the hoof and all wearing a bullseye

  • islego

    September 23rd at 7:21pm
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    Best mustard anywhere on anything!


    3 months ago
    Soon you can buy more 😉
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  • islego

    September 23rd at 7:20pm
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    Glorious Florida sunset yesterday

  • islego

    September 20th at 5:07am

    Plaza San Francisco

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