• itsdk

    October 3rd at 1:00am
  • itsdk

    October 3rd at 12:47am
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    Not the greatest day to be on a boat but we got to see 2 castles and West Point and had a great brunch overlooking the diarrhea colored Hudson


    1 month ago
    Ouch, was it really that color?
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  • itsdk

    October 2nd at 7:57pm
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    Riverside hangs before getting on an old fashioned paddle boat 🎡🚢

  • itsdk

    August 20th at 9:43pm

    Nice day for a mid-morning hike 🏞

  • itsdk

    August 17th at 3:50am
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  • itsdk

    July 3rd at 1:22am
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    Windows wide open, Weather Report turned up to 11 ✌🏼️

  • itsdk

    June 6th at 2:44am
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    Damn, tonight's sunset was gorgeous 🌞

  • itsdk

    May 22nd at 3:08am
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  • itsdk

    May 8th at 10:28pm
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    7 months ago
    Yeah looks like crap. Hopefully they make more classic gb lego sets. I do want that stay puft minifig though
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  • itsdk

    April 21st at 11:19pm
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