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  • izzaalyani_

    February 7th at 6:20pm
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    18.12.2010 --> 06.02.2017 --> ...


    13 days ago
    Congrats my love ❤️


    13 days ago
    Congrats!!! 😘


    13 days ago
    Congrats Yani!


    13 days ago
    Congratulations girl! 🎉🎉🎉


    13 days ago
    awww love u guys❤️💍


    13 days ago
    🎉 😘 congrats to you both te!


    13 days ago
    Congrats Izza! :)


    13 days ago
    Love you!! So happy for you talaga ❤
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  • izzaalyani_

    January 19th at 8:47pm
    24 0

    the few moments mama smiled with her teeth out.

  • izzaalyani_

    January 12th at 11:07pm
    12 0

    when father dear still looks like goma 😏

  • izzaalyani_

    January 11th at 6:52pm
    11 0

    when you take a pic of chopsticks thinking you'll be using it. but in reality you use your hands because it is so much more easier.

  • izzaalyani_

    January 11th at 1:33pm
    7 2

    can we have the plain boring cups back? this is too festive for me. it's january.


    1 month ago
    still too festive with the red bg. i prefer the plain white 😕 @mellowkev


    1 month ago
    Wew! It depends on how you look at it. At first glance it looked like vines and 2nd time small candles tied in strings
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  • izzaalyani_

    January 10th at 10:35pm
    21 0

    take me back to america and to forever summer.

  • izzaalyani_

    January 8th at 10:04pm
    14 0

    burgers chips and platters.

  • izzaalyani_

    January 7th at 4:48pm
    15 0

    KASA and christmas-newyear gains.

  • izzaalyani_

    January 6th at 7:38pm
    19 0

    this guy and contentment.

  • izzaalyani_

    January 5th at 11:05pm
    28 0

    role-playing and throwbacks.

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