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International wedding and portrait photographer based in the Netherlands. Is there anything more beautiful in the world than joy?

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    December 6th at 4:26am
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    For Sinterklaas this year, I bought my boyfriend a bag of Sweet Heat jerky I picked up in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

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    October 30th at 4:06pm
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  • janssico

    October 29th at 1:27pm
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    Quick #headshot for a visiting acquaintance. Normally I'd have hung a reflector to fill out the shadow on his face, but I've been experimenting with #shadow, #negativespace and #silhouette a bit more lately. #chiaroscuro

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    October 29th at 12:39pm
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    From Chelsea & Michael's fabulous #wedding on the #Disney Dream Cruise and the #Bahamas. Pure magic, breathtaking grace.

  • janssico

    October 29th at 12:34pm
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    In 2001, on my commute home, I stopped to admire the sunlight blazing through the glass wall.
    It was the first time I became truly aware of light — its substance, scattering, reflections and the clarity of shadow.
    This experience is what started my journey into photography, and I remember it vividl.


    5 months ago
    This observation was one of my milestones on my way in 3D rendering
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  • janssico

    February 16th at 11:30am
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    "My neighbor, the alien." When I see someone fitfully sleeping on a train I want to comfort them - "I'll protect you."

  • janssico

    January 28th at 7:16am
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    "15 horizontal: young love."

  • janssico

    January 25th at 6:50pm
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    "Plato's Cave." A dew-frosted bus stop turns a bike into a shadow-puppet.

  • janssico

    December 7th at 1:47pm
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    Cycling is almost as popular in San Fransisco as in Amsterdam. #sanfransisco #bike #thomascookusa


    4 years ago
    It's got to be pretty challenging out there with all the hills.
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  • janssico

    December 1st at 3:55am
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