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    October 5th at 8:38am
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    17 days ago
    My kind of painting!!!
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  • jaredhardy

    September 29th at 9:53pm
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    Got Felicity's school photo. Crazy hair ✅ cheesy smile ✅stretched out shirt ✅ lunch stains on said shirt ✅ It captures her spirit perfectly.

  • jaredhardy

    September 20th at 12:26am
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    Barbecue sauce

  • jaredhardy

    September 16th at 4:11am
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    Typical Thursday night

  • jaredhardy

    September 1st at 3:53am
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    Nothing like a cupful of tomatoes from the garden as an after dinner snack.

  • jaredhardy

    August 29th at 4:50am
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  • jaredhardy

    August 23rd at 8:01am
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    Obligatory first day of kindergarten picture. She had a blast on her first day.

  • jaredhardy

    August 9th at 5:01am
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    Bubble bath shenanigans.

  • jaredhardy

    July 15th at 4:58am
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    I experimented with a 12 hour sous vide of some baby back ribs. The taste tester thought they turned out pretty good.

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