Jason Prado @jasonpjason

  • jasonpjason

    February 21st at 7:53am
    22 2


    1 month ago
    So cool.


    8 months ago
    oh my stars
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  • jasonpjason

    May 25th at 3:13am
    25 2

    drove up highway 1 today


    1 year ago
    life-changing blues 🌊


    1 year ago
    I love all the blues...
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  • jasonpjason

    May 24th at 3:31am
    8 0

    future bungee couch

  • jasonpjason

    April 6th at 1:59am
    13 0

    Shot on my iPhone 6. Happy Easter everyone.

  • jasonpjason

    November 28th at 4:32am
    24 3

    the 12-year olds taught me to delete this photo unless it gets 50 likes


    1 year ago


    2 years ago
    aw crap I forgot to ask


    2 years ago
    Doing my part. How long do you have to hit that?
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  • jasonpjason

    June 26th at 2:50am
    15 1

    I got a book, now I'm taking a photo of it, changing the way the photo looks, then posting it on the Internet.


    3 years ago
    All that remains is to find the right spot on your bookshelf for it!
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  • jasonpjason

    October 10th at 6:11pm
    23 1

    seattle latte art


    5 years ago
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  • jasonpjason

    December 19th at 5:17am
    19 0

    sellout party.

  • jasonpjason

    December 15th at 9:48am
    13 1

    I have a _gigantic_ bookcase.

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