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  • jbstrick

    January 20th at 7:50pm
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    Mother and her favorite pants. Late 1950's, I think.

  • jbstrick

    January 20th at 7:18am
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    Aunt Sue and her Camaro

    #camaro #camaross #1960s

  • jbstrick

    January 20th at 7:03am
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    Mom, Laurie and Lee enjoying the beach.

  • jbstrick

    January 20th at 5:50am
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    Our grandfather, Big Jim, taking a break after work.

  • jbstrick

    January 19th at 7:27pm
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    Laurie playing in the pool. Summertime mid 1960's


  • jbstrick

    January 18th at 2:43pm
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    The middle sister, Laurie, with Mom and Dad.

  • jbstrick

    January 18th at 3:34am
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    A few more of mother.
    #vintage #1960's


    5 days ago
    She's always been a classy lady.
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  • jbstrick

    January 18th at 3:27am
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    More fun on the beach. Early 1960's #beach #1960s

  • jbstrick

    January 18th at 2:14am
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    Mother enjoying the beach. These were probably taken on Tybee beach or in Hilton Head SC. As you have probably noticed this was back when you could still drive your car on the beach.
    #tybeeisland #tybeebeach #hiltonhead #1950s #beach #sand #hulahoop

  • jbstrick

    January 18th at 1:14am
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    Lee. Mid 1960's

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