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  • jdforslin

    October 24th at 1:06am

    It'd be a real shame if this shuttle sprang a leak... a Wiki Leak.

    ^^ what she said


    2 hours ago
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  • jdforslin

    October 23rd at 4:04am
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    Have troops, will rock.

  • jdforslin

    October 22nd at 10:28am
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    Vegetables *made with animals. You big dumb jerks. #NotSoFinePrint

  • jdforslin

    October 2nd at 10:49pm
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    Cannot recommend this game highly enough. Simple mechanics, with cool combo possibilities, and there's action every turn. No previous experience necessary, and playing 2-hour epic space ambience on YouTube is a plus.


    21 days ago
    Dan @danrhode has that game that he loves it!
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  • jdforslin

    September 24th at 2:18am

    The bartender yells "last call!" the lights come up, and the nerf guns get packed up and shipped out; that's how you know the party's over.


    30 days ago
    You're a big boy now!


    1 month ago
    @jmoisa88 me too.


    1 month ago
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  • jdforslin

    September 19th at 6:56pm
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    "He who controls the spice, controls the universe!"


    1 month ago
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  • jdforslin

    September 17th at 4:15am
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    A young Ronald Reagan on What's My Line. What a trip. Buzzr is the best channel.

  • jdforslin

    September 13th at 1:28am
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    It's finale time. Check your local listings. Filed under "freshest." A lot of hard working people working hard over many weeks and months to make your day a little brighter.

  • jdforslin

    September 10th at 10:10pm
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    Ralph's, your beer aisle is broken, or at least missing a few key ingredients.

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