Jonathan Heit @jdheit

  • jdheit

    January 19th at 6:18am
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    Love the passion #nfl #romo

  • jdheit

    January 16th at 4:01am

    Great day, good to get back out on skis!

  • jdheit

    January 6th at 9:01am
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    I guess this is growing up.

  • jdheit

    December 28th at 2:31pm
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    Making the morning commute a lot brighter!


    25 days ago
    Made the office brighter too!!


    26 days ago
    He is so cute!❤️
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  • jdheit

    December 25th at 2:33pm

    Somebody was very excited about his new construction outfit, and that he could put it on over his pajamas after sleeping next to it -- he is convinced he is "Bob the Griffin" -- nice job Nana Hilly and Papa Stuie!


    29 days ago
    Love this! Happy Hanukkah!


    29 days ago
    Love! I can't wait to see Griffin wearing it standing near the window in the mornings, waving when I pick up Adriane
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  • jdheit

    December 12th at 3:18am
    23 1

    The civil war continues. "Too icy for Dez"


    1 month ago
    Are there a few empty chairs between you and Phil for a reason? Ha ha! So glad to beat those punks again.
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  • jdheit

    November 29th at 3:01am

    That didn't take long! #tripledouble


    2 months ago
    One of the most amazing seasons by an individual that I can remember..
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  • jdheit

    November 1st at 2:25am
    57 1

    Super day


    3 months ago
    I love that face!
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  • jdheit

    October 31st at 2:31am

    Since everyone is writing such nice things about @adrianerubyh, thought I'd add on. We have so many great memories together they are too many to name. You're one of the most incredible people I know, always stay true to who you are. Happy 11th kid, we love you! (Hoping she adds Insta back on her phone so she sees these...)


    3 months ago
    Can't believe she's 11
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  • jdheit

    September 28th at 4:31am
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    Big Papi came up tiny

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