Welcome indeed #Note8 !
#Samsung #SamsungMy

Welcome indeed #Note8 ! #Samsung #SamsungMy

Oooh. Very nice. 😍
Is this the iPhone X?
@melisamelina oh no no, it's 2017 Moo.. Not 2015 😉
So is the phone worth it? I'm still using my Note 4!! These phones are built to last.
@karendcruz7 it's design for note users and after about 3 hours using it, I'm liking it a lot more than I thought I would. I'm not a note user, but the stylus is really really really nice to use. You'll love this. One of the issues that you'll have to deal with is that phones don't last that long anymore. Previous generations, yes. But these new ones may have shorter lifespan, cause of software upgrades. 😊
so nice
I just listened to your BFM review just now. Do u think Note 8 will explode like Note 7? Afraid...but i luv the Note taking thinggg...how ehhh? 🤔
@nikienaa of course it won't explode. They've done everything to make sure it doesn't anymore. The S8/S8+ is a testament to that