I enjoy taking and sharing pictures and doodles. Caution: cats may be involved.

  • jennjuice84

    January 9th at 1:12am
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    So warm! #FreshOffTheNeedles


    8 months ago
    Jennifer how are you? It's been a while since I logged in here. iZal incase you forgot 🙈
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  • jennjuice84

    January 5th at 12:53pm
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    I think this is becoming my favorite Disney doodle I've done!

  • jennjuice84

    January 5th at 8:14am
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    Added a bit!

  • jennjuice84

    January 5th at 5:35am
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    Doodling again!

  • jennjuice84

    December 31st at 6:35pm
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    My addiction to tea is normal, right? I mean, everyone has a tea shelf...yes?


    10 months ago
    I do! I do! ☕️
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  • jennjuice84

    December 31st at 6:12am
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    Yeah. That's what happens when JK Rowling finally lets Audible release the Harry Potter series! 75 hours this month! #myaudible

  • jennjuice84

    December 23rd at 6:51am
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  • jennjuice84

    December 10th at 1:33pm
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    Found this little gem at the thrift shop a few weeks ago and forgot I had it until now!

  • jennjuice84

    December 10th at 11:38am
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    Great Christmas gift idea (and just gifts in general)! Go visit my awesome mom's Avon site!

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