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I design an array of things. I also founded, home of your new favorite podcasts, including The Shakes. It's pretty good.

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    February 19th at 9:29pm
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    Adventure Brumps.

  • jeremyfuksa

    February 17th at 1:01am
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    Today's Hayden Nugget: "I'm going to poison your Cheerios. You know what that means?" "No." "It means I'm going to hit you in the penis."


    3 days ago
    I need to remember that to say to students.
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  • jeremyfuksa

    February 14th at 11:42pm
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    Three years on: Her loafy girth doesn't photograph well. But, believe me when I say the struggle is real.

  • jeremyfuksa

    February 14th at 10:55pm
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    These are some sexy-looking cold pills. I'm not sure why Mucinex pills look like they're coated in fingernail polish, but they're fancy.

  • jeremyfuksa

    February 14th at 4:23pm
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    Three years later, Fiona still patiently, silently puts up with this kid.

  • jeremyfuksa

    February 9th at 12:39am

    "Take Hayden with you to Guitar Center," Robin said. Mm hmm.

  • jeremyfuksa

    February 7th at 2:54am
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    Oven roasted broccoli with bacon, olive oil, garlic salt and pine nuts. You'll thank me later. You'll also thank me if you ventilate your house. While everything was roasting, it smelled like a person made entirely of feet was farting incessantly in an un-air conditioned taxi cab.


    12 days ago
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  • jeremyfuksa

    February 6th at 1:45am
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    BRB. Making guacamole. #aafkc #superbowl

  • jeremyfuksa

    February 6th at 1:05am
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    "This picture's going to be so good, you're going to get sick." #aafkc #superbowl

  • jeremyfuksa

    February 6th at 1:01am
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    We've turned the living room into a temporary painting studio. #AAFKC #SuperBowl

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