Jesse Trimble @jessetrimble

  • jessetrimble

    December 4th at 8:23pm
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    Like a brand new dog. Dex, post-brushing.

    nice dog.....😌


    3 months ago
    This looks cool 👍
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  • jessetrimble

    November 26th at 1:53am
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    My own napa kraut, fresh out of the fermentation vessel.

  • jessetrimble

    November 18th at 6:06am
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  • jessetrimble

    October 27th at 4:23am
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    He wakes up from naps and walks around like this for awhile...


    1 month ago


    2 years ago
    Yeah , me too.
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  • jessetrimble

    October 12th at 4:39am
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    If you like sours, YOU HAVE TO FIND THIS. Trinity Brewing Co.

  • jessetrimble

    September 15th at 7:08am
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  • jessetrimble

    August 31st at 6:42am
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    Finally! Blackberry mead!

  • jessetrimble

    August 22nd at 5:31am
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    I have a thing for hands. My favorite drawing subject.

  • jessetrimble

    August 10th at 12:42am
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    Light bulb selfie

  • jessetrimble

    August 6th at 4:53am
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    2 years ago
    maybe that corner isn't the best place for that glass jug. just sayin


    2 years ago
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