Jeremy Johnson @jjohnsonkc

  • jjohnsonkc

    January 11th at 2:42am
    31 1

    Whack-a-mole-cat. Seems like I've been posting lots of cat pictures lately. Apologies.


    12 days ago
    Love it. They should just have their own page
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  • jjohnsonkc

    January 8th at 3:40pm
    44 1

    Most of the time I feel like a shitty parent. Then you get a reminder that maybe you aren't completely terrible. And hey, who doesn't like Cheez-Its for breakfast?


    14 days ago
    Heart exploding!
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  • jjohnsonkc

    January 3rd at 3:32pm
    17 0

    One day I hope to achieve this state of relaxation.

  • jjohnsonkc

    December 30th at 4:43pm
    26 0

    The elusive dual-cat-action-shot. Now I know how those National Geographic's photogs must feel.

  • jjohnsonkc

    December 25th at 4:32pm
    19 0

    Moose Mug Merry Christmas!

  • jjohnsonkc

    December 24th at 5:18pm
    20 1

    Mission: White Christmas. Mission: Forward.


    29 days ago
    Beautiful photo!
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  • jjohnsonkc

    December 24th at 1:47am
    21 0

    These two...Anna actually just realized it wasn't Christmas Eve. Gonna be a long night.

  • jjohnsonkc

    December 23rd at 11:16pm
    39 3

    Look at these pretty ladies. #kcnutcrackerballet


    30 days ago
    So happy I got to see your beautiful faces today! Miss you!! 😘


    30 days ago
    Omg your little one is so big :)


    30 days ago
    Beauties! 😘
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  • jjohnsonkc

    December 17th at 1:41am
    12 1

    If anyone wanted to hunt down one of these vintage Rumpleminze signs for me as a gift that would be awesome.

  • jjohnsonkc

    December 9th at 4:35pm
    18 0

    I love ad agency people.

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