Jeff Mayfield @jmayfield75

  • jmayfield75

    June 2nd at 5:45am
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    Relaxed night piled up.

  • jmayfield75

    January 24th at 12:08am
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  • jmayfield75

    November 28th at 3:49pm

    Saturday breakfast in Seaside with my boys

  • jmayfield75

    November 8th at 1:59am
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    I know you are all jealous of the girl on my arm #eyecandy


    1 year ago
    So beautiful and so handsome! Love you guys..hope you have fun😘
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  • jmayfield75

    April 14th at 5:51pm
    11 1


    2 years ago
    136 weeks ago...ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX! Unacceptable
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