Jeff Namadan @jnamadan

  • jnamadan

    October 21st at 9:08pm
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    Kinda crazy how top became the bottom. Poof! Looking forward to a good nite's sleep!

  • jnamadan

    October 21st at 8:22pm
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    Yay new mattress is here & just like angry Hulk my angry back will hopefully be happy


    5 hours ago
    Oh!! Tell me what you think...I've curious about those!


    8 hours ago
    We got the yoga bed in the box and we LOVE it. Hope you like your lesssa.
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  • jnamadan

    August 1st at 11:43pm
    22 5

    I cooked Gouda mac & cheese!! Now holding back from eating it all!


    10 days ago


    15 days ago


    16 days ago
    Good shot!


    1 month ago
    great to connect here with you..


    2 months ago
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  • jnamadan

    July 22nd at 1:32pm
    15 0

    New chair is cat approved

  • jnamadan

    July 20th at 6:26pm
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    New chair for new project WFH. Back will greatly appreciate it

  • jnamadan

    July 9th at 10:58pm

    Yummy rabbit!! Another incredible meal!

  • jnamadan

    July 9th at 2:13pm

    Booooooooooooooo!!!!! Sad days coming in August!

  • jnamadan

    July 5th at 8:57pm

    All tuned up & ready to go!

  • jnamadan

    June 29th at 8:29pm
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    Yay a new gadget for tracking all the activities!

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