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Adventurer and full time flatulence enthusiast with a penchant for music and beautifully told stories.

  • joe_levell

    June 11th at 12:37pm
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    Murica - old trip photos

  • joe_levell

    May 10th at 1:46am

    Our view for the next couple of days here in Destin Florida.

  • joe_levell

    May 8th at 9:42pm
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  • joe_levell

    May 8th at 9:41pm
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  • joe_levell

    February 2nd at 12:55am
    15 0

    Thunder! That's my girl!

  • joe_levell

    January 24th at 2:14am
    7 0

    We paid 64 cents per gallon for gas today at Kroger. Crazy.

  • joe_levell

    January 1st at 5:17am
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    Happy New Year!

  • joe_levell

    December 24th at 1:41am
    9 0

    Christmas just got weird!

  • joe_levell

    November 29th at 8:16pm
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    Shoot out at the Cardin Corral. This one is called Flick'em Up! Board game fun on Turkey Day!

  • joe_levell

    November 29th at 8:12pm
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    Five coin not to open my sack m'lord. Board game fun on turkey day.

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