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Currently in Melbourne Check @weareakrylic and @deefatfarm

  • johnchiong

    May 23rd at 1:45am
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    Piano tuner working his magic.
    And as I sat in another room, the OCD part of me is intrigued by how out of tune each note is.
    This master has been tuning pianos for 42 years. That's how old I am.... gee

  • johnchiong

    May 22nd at 1:20pm
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes and am very touched. Had a feast couple of days ago with some SG friends with loads of singlish, coffeeshop jokes, funny stories of our past jobs and too much food.
    Here's the #chiongsters 5 years in Melbourne and loving it.


    1 hour ago
    Happy birthday John! Hope you had a great day celebrating!! 🎈


    8 hours ago
    Happy Belated Birthday @johnchiong !!!


    10 hours ago
    Happy birthday bro!!!


    17 hours ago
    blessed birthday!


    17 hours ago
    Blessed birthday John! :)


    19 hours ago
    @aloysiuslim thanks!


    19 hours ago
    Happy birthday boss!
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  • johnchiong

    May 22nd at 4:39am
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    Yellow to you too.

  • johnchiong

    May 21st at 10:31am
    18 1

    Epokman @slowjaxx showing @therunawayact how it's done!!


    2 days ago
    Movie coming out in Cathay cinema on raya...
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  • johnchiong

    May 21st at 10:29am
    32 4

    Happy birthday (22may) to me. Walking into new things needs new kicks!


    1 day ago
    Happy birthday boss! Cheers and beers to more blessed awesome year ahead


    2 days ago
    Happy birthday brother!


    2 days ago
    Happy B'Day! Nice sneakers!


    2 days ago
    Happy bday !
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  • johnchiong

    May 21st at 4:48am

    Sambalicious it is then.

  • johnchiong

    May 13th at 12:53pm
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    When #wine is #1998?

  • johnchiong

    May 9th at 10:20am

    Sashimi Power!!!


    14 days ago
    Celebrate 🎉


    14 days ago
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  • johnchiong

    May 8th at 1:17am
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    Happy Birthday boy @ethanchi0ng.
    These pokeball cake pops specially made for his classmates to celebrate this special day.
    Credit and mega shout out to mothers for these are some things mummy does and dads just Instagram them.
    With special mega mention @theblackvelo who provided so much help with this.


    15 days ago
    Happy birthday:) Pokémon go!!


    15 days ago
    Happy Birthday Ethan!
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  • johnchiong

    May 6th at 12:54pm
    41 0

    Happy Birthday @ethanchi0ng

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