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I'm one classy dame. 👻: jotoldyouso

  • jolaroids

    January 16th at 2:47am

    #TrueFact: Tacos are tastier at the arcade table. #🌮

  • jolaroids

    January 15th at 2:51am
    24 2

    You guys, this is quite possibly the best $1 I've ever spent.


    4 days ago
    Sehr gut👍🏻 In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus 🍻😂


    5 days ago
    Is it mostly John Denver songs?
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  • jolaroids

    January 15th at 2:28am

    One shot wonders (we're that good). 📸: @mrdahveed

  • jolaroids

    January 15th at 2:07am
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    And the sun came out and dried up all the rain...

  • jolaroids

    January 13th at 9:03am

    OB's take on crop circles. #🌀#nofilter


    6 days ago
    Ancient aliens will visit


    7 days ago
    Just stoping by showing some Bay Area Love!
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  • jolaroids

    January 13th at 8:57am

    Idk how many pigeons I've seen out there, but point taken, I won't feed them.

  • jolaroids

    January 13th at 3:15am

    #tbt Stormy Saturday edition: When the wind was so strong the waves were coming in sideways. #💨 #🌧#sidewaves

  • jolaroids

    January 8th at 10:50am

    Think this is happily becoming an annual tradition💃🏻


    12 days ago
    So much fun. Thanks guys!!!!!
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  • jolaroids

    January 7th at 11:52pm
    12 1

    Take cover ☔️


    12 days ago
    Shower Curtis ♻️
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  • jolaroids

    January 5th at 6:47am

    Rallied after a dip in the ocean, post-plunge bloodies, and brunch for a mini-adventure the other day. Somehow after allll the years of going to Lands End, I'd literally never crossed the street and gone to the park there. Looking forward to spending more time here this year!

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