Jon ackerman @jonack

  • jonack

    January 12th at 2:13pm
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    Yeah, so it might be a little icy out in Grand Rapids today…


    10 days ago
    Please tell me you weren't driving While taking this photo....


    10 days ago
    Maybe he was taking a picture while driving. . . 😂


    10 days ago
    Oh my!! Hope you were safe on the roads!


    10 days ago
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  • jonack

    September 29th at 12:07am
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    Costume fun with the kids!


    1 month ago


    2 months ago
    Keep up the hard work! 📝


    3 months ago
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    4 months ago
    Well done!
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  • jonack

    August 19th at 11:26pm

    Enjoying a quiet moment with Joy Joy, this girl!

  • jonack

    August 13th at 6:03pm
    22 2

    My workout buddy this am, too bad the lady working kicked us out of the free weights. This kid has pipes!!


    4 months ago
    love this ❤


    5 months ago
    He looks so much like you now
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  • jonack

    August 1st at 11:17pm
    18 2

    Leave at 5:30am from Minneapolis and encourage him to go back to sleep, kid stays awake for 10hrs 5min, falls asleep 10min from home. #DadsLifeSpentInACarWithASleepingKid


    6 months ago
    😂 it always happens like that


    6 months ago
    You were in Minneapolis? So was I!!
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  • jonack

    July 24th at 11:03pm

    New personal best of lifting weights: 22,000lbs in a workout! Finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something!

  • jonack

    July 24th at 2:57pm
    26 0

    My kind of Saturday afternoon!

  • jonack

    July 17th at 10:29pm
    14 0

    My turn...

  • jonack

    July 17th at 2:57am
    7 2

    KUBB with friends!


    6 months ago
    Tell your dad I'm trying to sell his awesome products. Almost sold another set of drink holders tonight too!


    6 months ago
    My dad's just providing you with all the backyard fun.
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  • jonack

    July 16th at 11:04pm
    26 2

    They gone...


    6 months ago
    This is the best!


    6 months ago
    Oh my gosh, so sweet 😊
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