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    February 20th at 3:05am
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    My mom is seriously so freaking awesome! She made this board for my grandpa... to make it easier for him to find his favorite channels in his new apartment. This is just one example of the MANY things she's done to help make his life easier. I just love her 💕

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    February 5th at 8:15am
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    Let me preface this by saying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 This is just from my #countryheat workout (Giddy Up). We also (finally) played a round of golf today. I'm dead.

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    February 4th at 11:01am
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    Yesterday's #countryheat workout was so fun I decided to do it again today. And when you burn that many calories in 30 minutes why not?! #countryswing #BOD #beachbodyondemand #takebackmyhealth2017 #applewatch #appleactivity

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    February 3rd at 1:23am
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    I forgot how much I like this program. Easy to modify for my bum knee. Love my Netflix of fitness, Beachbody on demand. No, I'm not a coach. And no, I don't want/need a coach. #dancecardio #countryheat #BOD #holysweat

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    January 31st at 3:26am
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    Straight up CRUSHED all of my goals yesterday 🙌🏻 That 2-mile hike at #makapuutrail almost killed me and that is not an exaggeration. Those views though (no photos to prove it) 😍 Rewarded myself with my first trip to #jambajuice afterwards and I'm glad I did #tasty #sundayisourdateday

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    January 25th at 12:37pm
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    Back to basics. Back to where my at-home fitness journey began. Focus T25 with Shaun T. Here's my workout schedule for the first phase #imready #itslongoverdue #mentalvsphysical #whereisthemodifier #t25 #itsonly25minutes


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    you got this! how did you get started with this workout?
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  • jordan_lesher

    January 25th at 12:30pm
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    Friends don't let friends use #lyft without a free ride credit! Use code LYFT5150 for $10 off your first ride. #lyftcode #honolulu #lyftpromocode #lyftwithjordan Want to become a driver and earn an extra $200? I have a code for that too 🙌🏻

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    January 17th at 10:24am
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    I basically had one goal while I was in Georgia over Christmas... meet this sweet little babe. She did not disappoint! It's been over 4 years since I've held a baby 😳🙈 #imnotababyperson #imadogperson

  • jordan_lesher

    November 23rd at 7:11pm
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    He was SO excited to see the rainbow 😍

  • jordan_lesher

    November 19th at 12:30pm
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