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I'm a Christian. I'm a Husband. I'm a Father. I'm a Pastor. Meatloaf is gross. Go Duke.

  • joshh79

    October 27th at 4:31am
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    @xcrunnerjh won best overall costume tonight at the @regenyouthtakeover Costume Party! T-Rex!

  • joshh79

    October 22nd at 5:50am
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    Proud of my gorgeous girl during the Sisters Women's Conference! Dang she looks good up there! 😍😘❀️️ @meganmhuffman

  • joshh79

    October 22nd at 2:56am
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    So Ava claimed this Dr. Pepper in the office and left a warning note...followed by a 2nd warning if you didn't listen to the first. #PK 😜

  • joshh79

    October 19th at 11:10pm
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    His strength > my strength.

  • joshh79

    October 19th at 4:11am
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    #Repost @meganmhuffman with @repostapp
    End of the season xc banquet! I've said it before but there is no other sport quite like xc and we are so thankful to be a part of a wonderful group of coaches, kids, and parents. Thank you @gibsonnha and @agibsonfnp for being exactly what coaches should be. We are thankful for all you do! #mmsxc #countychamps


    9 days ago
    Aww nice
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  • joshh79

    October 17th at 1:21am
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    @xcrunnerjh Doing some killer camera work during service tonight.


    10 days ago
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  • joshh79

    October 15th at 4:45pm
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    Boys and Girls Milton Middle School XC County Champs! #sweep #MiltonXC

  • joshh79

    October 15th at 4:32pm
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    Can't say enough how proud of my son I am today. Jaden had a tough season, had an injury setback that didn't allow him to run or practice for the past 4 weeks. We trusted God and kept a good attitude and after a healthy week Jaden was able to run today and help his team win. He's my hero today. @xcrunnerjh


    12 days ago
    Awesome!! Sweet running face @xcrunnerjh πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸƒπŸ½πŸ’¨
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  • joshh79

    October 15th at 4:26pm
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    Congratulations Milton Middle School Boys XC for winning the County Championship! #MiltonXC


    13 days ago
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