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Librarian. Runner. Crazy cat lady.

  • joykim79

    November 30th at 5:23am
    9 0

    Someone has figured out where the warmest spot in the house is. #catsofinstagram

  • joykim79

    November 27th at 7:33am
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    Treelighting at 9th and Broadway. #downtowntacoma

  • joykim79

    November 24th at 7:38am
    6 0

    Currently trapped under 20 lbs of sleeping lapcats. #catsofinstagram

  • joykim79

    November 8th at 4:21pm
    5 0

    It's a good day to wear this under my work cardigan. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ#imwithher

  • joykim79

    November 8th at 7:00am
    9 1

    Someone is interfering with my attempts to read Goldenhand. I think her new nickname should be Mogget.


    24 days ago
    cat + book = 😻
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  • joykim79

    November 7th at 12:55am
    5 0

    Mei. #catsofinstagram

  • joykim79

    November 6th at 9:47pm
    5 0

    Riza and Mei love spending sunny afternoons on this windowsill. #catsofinstagram

  • joykim79

    November 6th at 8:56pm
    4 0

    Nice to run under blue skies after being caught in yesterday's downpour. #wrightpark #nofilter

  • joykim79

    November 6th at 8:53pm
    1 0

    Last stubborn dahlias in the garden.

  • joykim79

    October 30th at 7:09pm
    4 1

    Why I love running along Ruston Way! #nwisbest #tacoma


    29 days ago
    πŸ’― πŸ’― πŸ’―
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