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    February 24th at 9:41pm
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    Kristin & I are homeowners!


    3 days ago
    Congratulations!!! So happy for you guys! 🎉💕
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  • jrgoss

    November 8th at 10:45pm
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    If you're watching the election returns tonight, and you tune into Fox News, you'll see the new studio I've been working on.

  • jrgoss

    August 22nd at 10:22pm

    Just another day at work

  • jrgoss

    July 20th at 1:34pm

    Another day at the office

  • jrgoss

    January 25th at 4:13pm

    You know you're staying at a fancy hotel when they put flowers on the table at breakfast


    1 year ago
    I think the pbr balances out the "fancy" a bit!! 😜
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  • jrgoss

    January 12th at 5:27pm
  • jrgoss

    January 12th at 3:59am
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    I'll be working on a little show on NBC from this location Tuesday morning.

  • jrgoss

    November 15th at 4:23am

    Good morning Nanjing

  • jrgoss

    October 19th at 2:45pm
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    You know you're in the south when…

  • jrgoss

    May 13th at 5:07am
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    Story of my life…

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