Jason Sloan @jslo

  • jslo

    October 30th at 2:43am
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    Best Halloween Costume Ever! @mirandasingsofficial


    3 months ago
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  • jslo

    August 28th at 5:54am
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    Time traveling.


    7 months ago
    Fun to look back and reminisce. It's such a joy to reflect back and learn from experiences, and resolve in your heart to make each day forward positive for your family..and most importantly, God. Psalms 110 😊
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  • jslo

    June 10th at 9:21pm
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    Taco Belle


    9 months ago
    This is really fascinating


    10 months ago
    No pun intended
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  • jslo

    May 18th at 1:03am
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  • jslo

    May 12th at 6:33pm
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  • jslo

    January 11th at 12:49am
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  • jslo

    December 26th at 3:38am
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    Maybe it was a bad idea putting Ambien in the cider.

  • jslo

    November 10th at 9:22pm
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    Got this can on the plane today. Reminded me of when Jamie brought me home cans from overseas.

  • jslo

    September 7th at 4:03am
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    Not as bad as start of summer, but when will I learn? #bookendburns

  • jslo

    July 29th at 5:18am
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