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  • justalanmp

    May 28th at 7:01pm
    15 0

    Such a ruff life

  • justalanmp

    May 27th at 5:49am
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    While the BF is away, I'll be tired as fuck not doing anything anyway.

  • justalanmp

    May 21st at 3:19am
    15 0

    Hanging out with these two tonight while the BF is visiting family. 💚

  • justalanmp

    May 11th at 2:04am
    13 1

    Tidus enjoys watching the secret life of pets!


    19 days ago
    Wow is really paying attention
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  • justalanmp

    May 5th at 10:45pm
    36 2

    Yay! My first gray chest hair!


    24 days ago
    Awww my widdle baby is growing up! Congrats! I have a few on my arms already. Is it sad I think it more cool than scary. Maybe just because I've had gray hair on my head for a while xD


    24 days ago
    I have so many on my head.
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  • justalanmp

    May 4th at 7:29pm
    34 1

    Always nervous.


    22 days ago
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  • justalanmp

    May 3rd at 6:36pm
    47 0

    My hair is looking extra crispy thanks to the hair glue leaking all its freaking liquid in my hand.

  • justalanmp

    May 3rd at 5:11pm
    11 1

    Listening to this on repeat this morning. Wish me luck!!! I really want this!


    26 days ago
    Hope everything went well!
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  • justalanmp

    May 2nd at 8:45pm
    16 0

    They won't stop staring. 😳

  • justalanmp

    May 1st at 12:20am
    19 0

    Sleepy pups😴

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