Jeff Vreeland @jvreeland

Pictures speak louder then words & also take less time to post :)

  • jvreeland

    March 20th at 1:17am
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    Ending the 9th birthday celebration with a walk at the park.

  • jvreeland

    March 19th at 9:42pm
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    Pondering the perfect wish! #9thBirthday


    5 days ago
    Happy Birthday Tori!!!
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  • jvreeland

    February 25th at 1:29am
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    8/9 year old girls who have not stopped talking since they got together. #bffs👭

  • jvreeland

    February 20th at 6:53pm
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    Like most things with William he will not slow down long enough for a picture (unless you have food). Hopefully his passion for the outdoor and learning stays with him so I will have a hiking buddy in a few years.

  • jvreeland

    February 20th at 6:52pm
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    My mini me is unstoppable as long as everything is done his way. His smile and hair melt the hearts of many women young and old. But like many his age his heart belongs to his momma.

  • jvreeland

    February 20th at 6:49pm
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    Daddy's little girl is growing up. She loves everyone and everything while fearing nothing (except spiders).

  • jvreeland

    February 11th at 10:51pm
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    Talking BBQ and Bourbon with your best friend over text never gets old. #FourRosesFTW

  • jvreeland

    February 2nd at 1:43am
    18 2

    Very unhappy and sick 2 year old. Praying for a night of sleep and rest for him.


    2 months ago
    cool gallery 👌


    2 months ago
    We are dealing with the same thing. No fun at all! Hope he feels better fast!
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  • jvreeland

    January 14th at 9:50pm
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    Lunch outside on a gorgeous day.

  • jvreeland

    January 1st at 3:06am
    23 1

    Best of 2016 from my Instagram pictures.

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