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Because I said so.

  • kaethend

    February 26th at 4:23am
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    The appropriate response for when your mom asks if you want a photo in front of the snowflake. #latergram

  • kaethend

    February 25th at 2:12am

    Before she was utterly beside herself from the freezing nature of snow and how painful it can be when you're wearing nothing but leggings and rain boots.

  • kaethend

    February 25th at 2:08am


  • kaethend

    February 23rd at 10:41pm
  • kaethend

    February 21st at 8:27pm

    Maybe it's not so bad, that #fuckingsnow

  • kaethend

    February 21st at 4:44am
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    6 days ago
    @grillerriver I believe that was on a stupid side road over a mountain Waze wanted us to go on. Barely plowed, with fallen trees across the road


    7 days ago
    Awwww, I'm on the flip side excited for snow here at home later in the week.
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  • kaethend

    February 20th at 2:37am
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    Me & Bear: As close together as physics allows since 2012.

  • kaethend

    February 20th at 1:13am
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    Added some good ones this month. @analoglab

  • kaethend

    February 19th at 6:13pm
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    My eng team was in town this week and left me with a box of beautiful @katequinn_organics which inspired me to go through the few boxes of my girls' old clothes. Turns out insisting that girls wear colors other than pink has paid off. Also, real men rock dusty rose. #nesting

  • kaethend

    February 19th at 2:41am
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    6 days ago
    down with inflammation
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