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when other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers, i kind of wanted to be a vampire. now i just want to be me. 💋🔮💎👸🏻 mjs. ❤️

  • kahleealexandra

    January 15th at 10:19am
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    cute candids for days 😍

  • kahleealexandra

    January 8th at 8:20am
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    when chayton realises you're videoing him and he just turns on the posing 😂😍💪🏻

  • kahleealexandra

    January 6th at 12:46pm
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  • kahleealexandra

    January 5th at 10:42am
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    got way too excited to see my boy after work today. oh man. 😍❤️


    16 days ago
    @mattykaoticlcd ❤️❤️ right back xx


    16 days ago
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  • kahleealexandra

    December 14th at 12:33pm
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    can't even put into words how this guy makes me feel and trying to seems like a punitive task because it's pointless to try.. but i will say no one has ever made me as happy as this dude has and it couldn't be more unexpected if we tried but i wouldn't change a single thing because we wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for that. 😘❤️

  • kahleealexandra

    November 7th at 8:39am
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    can't believe these little dudes are 4 months old on wednesday.. time has flown so fast and their individual personalities are definitely showing more and more every day. having them laughing and smiling with me is actually the greatest joy i have ever known 😍💙


    2 months ago


    3 months ago
    Awwwww they are sooo cute
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  • kahleealexandra

    November 4th at 8:54am
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    happy friday y'all 💪🏻👍🏻

  • kahleealexandra

    October 22nd at 12:35pm

    nothing makes me happier than clients who so obviously love their hair when i'm done with them 💇🏻 gave this lovely lady a gorgeous beige balayage today and we couldn't have been happier with the result 🙌🏻 #balayage #joinex

  • kahleealexandra

    September 28th at 5:36am
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    happy birthday to this little bug 🐞 i can't believe you're actually 10 years old.. doesn't seem real! being your big cousin brings me so much love and happiness and you have brought such a light to our family. hope you had the best time at laser tag with your mates and love you heaps buddy 😘😘

  • kahleealexandra

    September 21st at 6:45am

    these little dudes are 11 weeks old today 😱😍 they've brought so much joy to my life in the short time they've been on this earth and continue to do so more and more every day. 💙 #mymainmen


    4 months ago
    Can u send me the originals of these plz
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