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Hawaii living, vegetarian, 26.2 training, martial artist, 日本語 learning, swim, bike, run, motivate and share with others. ISSA cert. personal trainer.

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    December 6th at 5:03am
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    I'm excited to flip through this book I snagged from the library.

  • kahuku

    December 6th at 3:12am
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    My legs are super tired on this cold rainy morning. I broke out the @smartwool ultra thin running socks to keep me warm and energize my legs. I've been having to standing hours for work. Yes, I wear crocs for my work/house only shoes. go away it works. :)

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    December 2nd at 4:46am
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    Bye sun

  • kahuku

    December 1st at 5:52pm
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  • kahuku

    December 1st at 4:49am
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    Goodnight sun.


    6 days ago
    @hiloaloha はい


    6 days ago
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  • kahuku

    November 30th at 6:01pm
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    Good Morning.

  • kahuku

    November 27th at 5:21am
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    I haven't been feeling tiptop today. So, after completing my work I've been reading, studying, and occasionally falling asleep. I made sure to get out for a walk at sunset. I'm glad I did. The sunset was amazing, and Loki, my occasional running partner, came out to join me. #Hawaii #sunset

  • kahuku

    November 24th at 11:41pm
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    Thanksgiving long run. 18 miles. The farthest I've run before. I learned that I should not listen to postcasts on these long runs. I put on music at mile 17, and ran my third fastest mile of the run. So, I'm fairly certain I have the ability to add on 8 more miles to finish the marathon. It won't be easy, I'll be slow, but I can do it. #hawaii #running #run #sunrise


    13 days ago
    Great post
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  • kahuku

    November 23rd at 8:08am
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    Punalu'u Beach on a windy, wavy, and super beautiful afternoon. #hawaii #aloha


    15 days ago
    So pretty!!! <3 <3
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  • kahuku

    November 21st at 1:58am
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