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    February 2nd at 6:01am

    Incense cones slowly burning inside a temple in Hong Kong. The smell and sight of them all together is amazing.

  • kaisdavis

    January 30th at 3:02am
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    Hiking the century old Lugard Road on Victoria Peak

  • kaisdavis

    December 3rd at 9:59pm
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  • kaisdavis

    November 26th at 9:32pm

    Cheat day breakfast at Morning Glory Cafe


    4 months ago
    .....not sure what to think of that omelette...........looks good...but green
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  • kaisdavis

    September 7th at 9:08pm

    Before the temple burn at Burning Man 2016

  • kaisdavis

    June 27th at 5:07pm

    I'm a princess 💃🏻✨


    9 months ago


    9 months ago
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  • kaisdavis

    June 26th at 4:52pm

    Exploring the botanical gardens in Copenhagen

  • kaisdavis

    April 9th at 1:29am
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    Sunset over Lake Michigan at the PCR Retreat

  • kaisdavis

    April 7th at 5:04pm

    Breakfast at Lula Cafe

  • kaisdavis

    April 7th at 2:51am
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    Dinner at Brand in Las Vegas with the PartyTown crew!

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