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  • kapacu07

    December 10th at 2:16am
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    Happy happy haaapppy birthday chuck bass of my life lol. I pray and hope that your 3__rd year will be even more blessed and memorable. Go for your dreams - go for gold! Haha! Lucas and i love you so much munchkin God bless and take care πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ @maccunanan


    7 hours ago
    Happy birthday @maccunanan


    13 hours ago
    Happy happy birthday!😘


    19 hours ago
    Happy Birthday D-a-dd-y @maccunanan !!!! πŸŽ‚πŸΊ Enjoy your day. God bless. Hope that you will gain more blessings and lose... *tut* Hehe ✌🏻️ 😁😊


    19 hours ago
    Happu birthday to Mac!


    20 hours ago
    God bless and take care πŸ˜‚ happy happy bjrtbday @maccunanan!:)


    20 hours ago
    Para kang chuck bass dito lol! Happiest birthday @maccunanan !πŸŽ‰
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  • kapacu07

    December 9th at 7:18am
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    #mybenandlilywishlist aside from body parts, id like lucas to understand and to know that there are similarities and differences in this world and that to be a good human being is to accept and honor them. @ben.and.lily


    1 day ago
    My Luccas has that same book 😍
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  • kapacu07

    December 6th at 2:56pm
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    #mybenandlilywishlist a good way to explain to children how to be a "real man" is through ways that they can understand. Books and stories are creative ways of teaching little boys that boys too, can cry. @ben.and.lily

  • kapacu07

    December 4th at 5:24pm
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    On another note... #repost @refinery29

  • kapacu07

    December 4th at 5:20pm
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    #mybenandlilywishlist i read aesop's fables and hans christian andersen's fairy tales when i was younger and i absolutely loved them. I would want lucas to grow up getting to know all these stories and adventures too @ben.and.lily


    6 days ago
    Beautiful Books!! 😍


    6 days ago
    Aesop's fables!
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  • kapacu07

    December 4th at 2:30am
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  • kapacu07

    December 3rd at 4:32pm
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    #mybenandlilywishlist i've always loved how quirky and creative dr seuss books are and "oh the places you'll go" is no exception. @ben.and.lily


    6 days ago
    Dr seuss is the best hehehe i want to collect all of them actually! Hehehe @alexandradarroyo


    7 days ago
    Aniela loves dr. Seuss! I want to get her "oh the places you will go" toddler version the blue one is the infant version hehehe @kapacu07


    7 days ago
    Hey niks! Whats that whats that? Hehehe cge thanks niks! :) @nikkitayag


    7 days ago
    Kars I'll show you pala something I got online! Nice for Lucas @kapacu07
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  • kapacu07

    December 2nd at 5:13pm
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    #mybenandlilywishlist ferdinand would be one of the perfect books to teach my son the beauty in being different and that happiness happens when you end up doing what you truly love @ben.and.lily


    8 days ago
    Aaawww ferdinand!!!
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  • kapacu07

    December 1st at 6:14pm
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    #mybenandlilywishlist i would love my son to have new york and london to complete his collection. Im hoping that aside from basic learning, these books would encourage a love for travel and discovery for him. 😊 @ben.and.lily

  • kapacu07

    December 1st at 5:21am
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    Pause on being a lola and turn on being a tita. How titas do Christmas get togethers - on a November holiday 😝haha! #angaga #titasofdee #deeunion @myjaninay @kentaquio @cris_tanjutco @maraguevs πŸ“·: @cathy_romualdo missed everyone else!!


    10 days ago
    Tapos na by 9pm! πŸ˜‚
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