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    August 19th at 7:11pm
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    Countdown to Boom.

  • kellhicks

    July 16th at 1:11am
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    Chillin' with my boo.

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    June 13th at 1:54am
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  • kellhicks

    December 22nd at 12:14am
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  • kellhicks

    June 30th at 7:35pm

    Bad teeth. Short skirts.

  • kellhicks

    February 11th at 11:36pm
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    I could have every member of NWA (including Eazy) hiding from the cops in my living room and I wouldn't feel as gangsta as I do right now.

  • kellhicks

    December 26th at 7:41pm

    Burger anticipation...


    3 years ago
    I love Cheeseburger Cafe! Seven dollars for a huge hamburger, more fries then you can eat, and a drink. Best bargain in Cincinnati. So when am I going to see your picture on their contest wall?
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  • kellhicks

    December 25th at 12:49am
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  • kellhicks

    November 10th at 7:58pm

    This made me laugh so abruptly that I farted. The store will now be known as 90% Off Books.

  • kellhicks

    October 31st at 11:35pm
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    2 years ago
    I'm a Mog.


    3 years ago
    Thought of this last night watching #Spaceballs
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