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Let me then, like a child advancing with bare feet into a cold river, descend again into the stream. ~ Virginia Wolfe

  • kellyvlass

    February 4th at 2:18am
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    Lydia... reading her first chapter book with absolutely no coercion from me whatsoever. #homeschoolwin


    14 days ago


    17 days ago
    I loved those books and was just talking about them today. Excellent choice!
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  • kellyvlass

    February 3rd at 3:38am
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    "What if there is no tomorrow?There wasn't one today!" Continuing our Groundhog Day tradition with Lydia and without @brendanvlass_barber who is judging the Snowdown Beard Competition. This is one of my all time favorite movies. The perfect movie for February. "What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?" You make it matter. :)

  • kellyvlass

    February 2nd at 4:10pm
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    Asher... cleaning up America. :)


    22 days ago
    Love his airplane jammies!!!
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  • kellyvlass

    January 30th at 10:42pm
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  • kellyvlass

    January 30th at 10:41pm
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  • kellyvlass

    January 30th at 10:41pm
  • kellyvlass

    January 30th at 10:38pm
  • kellyvlass

    January 30th at 4:50am

    No one can make me big smile like you @brendanvlass_barber. 😘THANK YOU!


    25 days ago
    Happy birthday Kelly!!
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  • kellyvlass

    January 30th at 4:42am

    Spending the eve of my 40th Birthday soaking up good minerals and love from my family.

  • kellyvlass

    January 28th at 12:25am
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    Having flashbacks to my own childhood.

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