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  • kevindeshazo

    October 26th at 6:11am

    I had extremely high expectations for this @needtobreathe show and they blew them out of the water. I'm at a loss for words.


    9 hours ago
    So great. Wife and I are all in on their shows


    10 hours ago
    So bummed I was out of town for this one. So many of my favorite musicians in one place!
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  • kevindeshazo

    October 26th at 4:51am

    "So if you're beating death then raise your hand but shut up if you're not."

  • kevindeshazo

    October 25th at 1:57am
    18 0

    It's 🎃 painting time.

  • kevindeshazo

    October 21st at 2:17am

    Thursday night lights. First time to experience 8-man football.


    5 days ago
    I think the boys enjoyed it


    6 days ago
    I love 8-man football. Grew up watching my cousins play.
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  • kevindeshazo

    October 20th at 3:26am
    26 1

    35th on the rooftop. 👌🏼


    7 days ago
    Sweet view! Happy birthday buddy! Hope you had a great day!
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  • kevindeshazo

    October 19th at 11:43pm
    29 0

    My dudes. My heart. 📸: @megandeshazo

  • kevindeshazo

    October 19th at 3:53pm
    11 0

    Perfect morning for a run. 3.5 for 35 and fastest 5k.

  • kevindeshazo

    October 18th at 5:43pm
    16 1

    Fun setting to do leadership development with Hobart College coaches and staff this morning. Love this campus.


    8 days ago
    Great :)
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  • kevindeshazo

    October 18th at 1:17pm

    Sunrise on Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY. One of my favorite places.

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