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    October 22nd at 4:50pm
    6 0

    Finland v Estonia rugby match.

  • kierandonnelly

    October 21st at 10:11am
    8 0

    Oh boy.

  • kierandonnelly

    September 18th at 5:31pm
    11 2

    Future brother and father in law at Rasmus's "confirmation" here in Helsinki, a rite of passage at 16 in Finland.

    2 days ago


    1 month ago
    Fenians! ;)
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  • kierandonnelly

    September 16th at 2:23pm
    19 0

    Home office sorted in Helsinki.

  • kierandonnelly

    August 29th at 12:41am
    13 1

    Niall & Theresa's wedding yesterday


    2 months ago
    @kierandonnelly yes! a church!
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  • kierandonnelly

    August 27th at 12:01pm
    5 0

    Out last night with the better halves!

  • kierandonnelly

    August 24th at 11:26am
    24 0

    Hanging out in Northern Ireland for another week, then back to Helsinki.

  • kierandonnelly

    August 8th at 6:57pm
    18 0

    Got to meet this champ finally! "Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time." #unclekieransadvice

  • kierandonnelly

    August 8th at 12:35pm
    6 0

    Back in the same country for the first time in 6 months. #pesos

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