This stuff is amazing!

  • kigol

    June 29th at 2:29pm
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    Ever seen this stuff? I guess its super healthy, im giving it a try. I saw it on Dr Oz's show! Link is in my bio #lovemyfollowers #health

  • kigol

    November 9th at 2:14pm
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    Vini taking it back to 1977..old school!

  • kigol

    November 9th at 2:09pm
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    I think Kigol is starting to make Vini go a little crazy ;-).

  • kigol

    November 5th at 10:31pm
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    View from my place in Sáo Paulo .. About to have a major tropical rainstorm!!!

  • kigol

    October 27th at 6:39pm
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    Centauro Gift! :-)

  • kigol

    October 14th at 11:08pm

    Hard at work