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Big spoon @stirsocial. Big Chop @BraaiFreeSA. E-commerce obsessed. Amateur snowboarder.

  • kirstybisset

    December 3rd at 7:30am
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    Just add vodka. Or gin. Or whatever, you know #NothingButSparkle


    26 minutes ago


    54 minutes ago


    4 hours ago
    Low GI. Interesting. Just kidding! You had me at vodka!
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  • kirstybisset

    December 1st at 4:10pm
    69 4

    Put us together. How they gonna stop both of us?


    2 days ago
    Baz & Kirsty swag be like shizzle


    2 days ago


    2 days ago
    Seriously hot couple x


    2 days ago
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  • kirstybisset

    December 1st at 10:07am
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    These guys are doing Summer right.

  • kirstybisset

    November 29th at 2:37pm
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    It's @stirsocial's fourth birthday today.
    I never imagined starting a business at 24 and having it succeed as much as it has.
    I'm extremely proud and, during this time in the bush, I've thought about Stir's future in 2017. It's going to be a goodie!

  • kirstybisset

    November 28th at 11:01am
    45 2

    Slept under this last night. On purpose.


    3 days ago
    Love your posts ❤️


    5 days ago
    Beautiful ❤
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  • kirstybisset

    November 27th at 2:51pm
    32 0

    Such a blissful weekend with litres of wine, amazing people, animals, and very little signal.

  • kirstybisset

    November 27th at 9:49am
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    The lesser-spotted photogenic mongoose.

  • kirstybisset

    November 26th at 8:31am
    34 0

    Aaaand exhale 🌿

  • kirstybisset

    November 23rd at 4:24pm

    At @leighjamesoncreative's art exhibition 😍


    8 days ago


    10 days ago
    This is stunning! 🙌🏽
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  • kirstybisset

    November 23rd at 1:23pm
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    I am 100% going to have more fun making a bird feeder and a kite than my nieces. For more ideas on how to keep the kiddies happy over the holidays, join David O'Sullivan on @brightrockza's Facebook page next Tuesday at 11am #LoveChange

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