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    January 15th at 7:36pm
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    Today's mood.

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    January 15th at 12:46am
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    If I fits, I sits. Yes, that's the refrigerator.

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    January 15th at 12:18am
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    January 14th at 6:24pm
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    Owen and the ladies.

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    January 9th at 12:20am
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    Done, finished and set up.

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    January 8th at 12:37am
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    A little Saturday afternoon project.


    11 days ago
    Looks great and so mathematically precise!
    So proud of you! Dad has been shoveling snow for a week.
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  • kreitz

    January 7th at 9:55pm
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    Safety first!

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    January 6th at 8:43pm
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    Oh hey. That could stop any time it wants...

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    January 5th at 2:20pm
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    Goal is 17 books in 2017 (I know, I know...). Starting with this one. Rule is that I can't read a fiction novel until I've read a biography, classic, or non-fiction book. Book 1 is starting today.


    13 days ago
    This book was gripping and eye opening. It was the first of several child soldier bigraphies for me.


    14 days ago
    I've read this. Powerful book.
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  • kreitz

    January 3rd at 5:12am
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    It lives!

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