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Follower of Jesus Christ, Wife to an amazing husband, and Student Ministry Admin at Cross Church.

  • kristinlhume

    December 8th at 3:32am
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    ❤️❤️❤️ this guy!


    17 hours ago
    Adorable couple! ❤️
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  • kristinlhume

    December 4th at 3:35am
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    Last Christmas as a family of two! Baby Hume will be here before we know it ❤️👶🏼🎀

  • kristinlhume

    December 3rd at 1:47am
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    Date Night in with @jhume 😍 I've missed him this week!! #christmasiscoming #techwifeprobs

  • kristinlhume

    November 30th at 8:32pm
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    It's tonight! Doors open at 6:00pm and there will be free food for everyone! 😬🙌🏼Students: invite your friends!!

  • kristinlhume

    November 26th at 1:25pm

    Goodbye ATL, see you in a month!


    7 days ago


    12 days ago


    12 days ago
    ☹️At least you have your own private highway.
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  • kristinlhume

    November 26th at 4:42am
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    Thanksgiving with the Seldomridge family: fun to have everyone together this year! And had dad's famous fried turkey 😋🦃


    12 days ago
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  • kristinlhume

    November 25th at 8:08pm

    Spending the day in Athens and Baby Hume just had to have some Varsity 😍😋


    13 days ago
    JEALOUS😜. Love me some Varsity!
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  • kristinlhume

    November 24th at 11:52pm
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    Standing in line at Target waiting for Black Friday shopping to begin. The best people watching day 😊 introducing @hume_e and @navyhume to the experience this year

  • kristinlhume

    November 24th at 2:17am
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    How many brothers and cousins can you get together and play Star Wars? #happythanksgivingyall


    14 days ago
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  • kristinlhume

    November 22nd at 11:38pm
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    Baby Hume got her first stuffed animal today from @seldomridged 😊 fun shopping day with mom for baby things!


    16 days ago
    Had fun shopping 😍 except that slip and fall 😂 shoulda fill that report out 😭 can't wait to go shopping more 😍
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