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  • kylknnth

    October 17th at 5:15am
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    It's been hard finding the fun in bikes lately. Decided to take the CX season off from racing and just focus on having fun again. I found that fun today, and ended with a gorgeous sunset that reminds me why I love the midwestern fall. 🍂🍁

  • kylknnth

    September 6th at 3:57am
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    Miss ya bud. I'll be thinking of you every time I look down during cross #riffinpeace


    3 days ago
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  • kylknnth

    August 28th at 8:23pm
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    Shot from working a Babes checkpoint last night. Love Minneapolis summer.#babesinbikeland10

  • kylknnth

    August 22nd at 4:30am
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    I went to Chicago and took dumb photos with my frands

  • kylknnth

    August 21st at 8:19pm
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    2 months ago
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  • kylknnth

    August 21st at 6:03pm
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    @nrokh braided my hair yesterday and I feel pretty


    2 months ago
    @nrokh I'll be back in the fall. Tentatively thinking Halloween weekend


    2 months ago
    Ryan did a good job


    2 months ago
    come back anytime 🤗
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  • kylknnth

    August 14th at 1:03am
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    Ride around, put the hammock up. Read about climbing. Today I'm thankful for the amazing amount of green space within Minneapolis and the gorgeous weather to boot.


    2 months ago
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  • kylknnth

    August 13th at 9:19pm
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  • kylknnth

    August 9th at 3:36am
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    When the squad goes camping, you gotta hardstyle #squadgoals 📷: @tesstingbitchface

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