Laura Correa @lalalu

  • lalalu

    March 18th at 5:29am
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    My new fabulous tea mug#love🐘

  • lalalu

    March 4th at 2:59am
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    Bike night at Westgate 😎

  • lalalu

    February 24th at 8:30am
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    Panda likes to put her foot in my face lol


    25 days ago
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  • lalalu

    February 21st at 4:11am
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    My new fabulous nailβ£πŸš€β­#ohandmyhellokittycuplol

  • lalalu

    February 18th at 8:38pm
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    Kitty sleeping in my kitty pajamas#toocute

  • lalalu

    February 14th at 10:11pm
    12 1

    Thank u dad!😍❀#bestdadever


    1 month ago
    Awe. That's so sweet. I love how loving your Dad is with his daughters. πŸ€—πŸ’— you are very blessed and lucky.
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  • lalalu

    February 13th at 5:33am
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    Sleepy panda bear

  • lalalu

    January 29th at 6:33am
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    Pretty panda kitty#🐼🐈

  • lalalu

    January 14th at 7:49pm
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    Panda kitty ur too cute!


    2 months ago
    Love him so cute @lalalu
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  • lalalu

    November 23rd at 9:03pm

    Got off early today and got my nails done! #happythanksgivingeveryone!!


    4 months ago
    You should come with me next time jen. It's the new nail place by starbucks.


    4 months ago
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