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Living in Los Angeles. Art and Culture program, exhibition planner. Used to lived in Tokyo.

  • lanatokyo

    May 25th at 7:48am
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    Every couple of months I go this store and buy different kinds of noodles. Rice noodle, green bean's noodle, etc.. I guess I'm successfully inventing new type of Japanese food which is tasty, vegan and gluten free dish.


    2 hours ago
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  • lanatokyo

    May 23rd at 6:35am
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  • lanatokyo

    May 22nd at 4:25am

    Went to beach by bicycle! So peaceful.

  • lanatokyo

    May 21st at 12:52am

    @waxpaperco 's sandwich again at our front "yard". このサンドイッチが美味しすぎて毎週末食べたいほど。家の前の庭で食べると週末感が増す🌴🌴🌺

  • lanatokyo

    May 21st at 12:45am
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    The best study room I ever had. 私たちのアパートの書斎の景色が良すぎて、ついつい。風が良く通るので外の35度超えの熱い気温でもエアコンいらず。#自画自賛


    4 days ago
    😍💪 California Love


    4 days ago
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  • lanatokyo

    May 20th at 3:51am
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    I was happened to be at this cool factory which manufacturing space ship!


    4 days ago
    @yohei_okoshi 「作ってる」っていう定義による ってことだよね。でも中は撮影禁止だしすごい厳しいよ。


    5 days ago


    5 days ago
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  • lanatokyo

    May 11th at 7:24am
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    David why now?!😂🤣
    David collaborate with Zuni Native Americans vintage earring .
    ネイティヴアメリカン ズニ族の耳飾り見つけてとても嬉しく写真撮ったらデビさん映り込む事故。


    14 days ago
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  • lanatokyo

    May 6th at 12:55am

    Yesterday I went to CalArts for the media art expo to see possible collaboration partner for our program. I had happened to see a band "Sonic Boom Ensemble" An orchestra/ ensemble/band who plays avand-garde rock?, noise, ambient, metal, new music. There some part that beautiful violin of melody and nicely got in to new phase of shout, metal rock to new music. It was like a orchestra. I liked it very much.
    カリフォルニア芸術大学の仕事で行ってきたのだけど、この学生のオーケストラバンドがすごく良かった。オケ編成(バイオエリン チェロ、などと一緒にエレキバイオエリン エレキギター、DJなども) でアンビエントからメタルノイズシャウトからアンビエントというオーケストラ楽曲スタイルで面白かった。調べたら一つの選択授業だったみたい。

  • lanatokyo

    May 1st at 9:23am

    To see Roy Choi and Niki and others.

  • lanatokyo

    April 30th at 1:29am

    The best vegetarian sandwiches so far ( including "the"proof bakery!) . We both were so excited to see all the NPR celebrities name on the menu. Baguette 👏 fresh vegetables 👏 extra virgin olive oil taste👏👏. So good.


    25 days ago
    So happy you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by
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