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Living in Los Angeles. Event and PR Strategic Planner. Used to lived in Tokyo.

  • lanatokyo

    October 27th at 9:14am

    One of the good things about living in LA is I can see so many cool cars.

  • lanatokyo

    October 27th at 9:11am

    Mark Bradford. His talk was really great. I'm glad that I went there.
    Mark Bradford LA 出身のアーティスト。LA空港や幾つもの美術館に作品がある今注目のアーティスト。彼が美大に行ったのは30歳になってからだって。

  • lanatokyo

    October 22nd at 10:58pm
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    Saturday breakfast☺️

  • lanatokyo

    October 20th at 12:03am

    This fish is so dangerous. BTW go dodgers!


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    7 days ago
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  • lanatokyo

    October 16th at 11:09pm
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    Finally got to go to the broad. I thought their collection is ミーハー but if it is the millennial's museum, I should consider about it.

  • lanatokyo

    October 16th at 4:00am


    10 days ago
    This is terrific
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  • lanatokyo

    October 16th at 1:19am

    Hello from David.


    11 days ago
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  • lanatokyo

    October 15th at 7:38am

    TGIF! Love this beer so much.

  • lanatokyo

    October 13th at 4:47pm
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    Chilly morning. Feel like London or Chichibu's morning in autumn season.

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