Phillip Patterson @lateralaus

Pretty much just food and the odd gig. Not a vegan.

  • lateralaus

    March 20th at 9:57pm
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    Pre gym prepped rice and omelette, post gym steamed mange tout and fried asparagus with grated parmigiano reggiano (fancy sounding cheese). 👍🏻 💪🏻

  • lateralaus

    March 20th at 6:43pm
    10 0

    Chorizo, red onion, spinach and some fancy Italian cheese in an omelette 👍🏻#mealprep

  • lateralaus

    March 18th at 8:25pm
    7 0

    Home made curry 🍛👍🏻

  • lateralaus

    March 17th at 2:41pm
    11 0

    Such a feed! 😁

  • lateralaus

    March 13th at 6:22pm
    15 0


  • lateralaus

    March 5th at 6:39pm
    16 1

    Coconut rice, sweet corn, greens and minute steak #musclefood


    21 days ago
    Great stuff!
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  • lateralaus

    February 17th at 10:18pm
    25 2

    Grilled chicken with #musclefood southern fried seasoning, asparagus and mange tout.


    26 days ago


    1 month ago
    What you marinated or seasoned that with lad @lateralaus
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  • lateralaus

    February 17th at 12:48pm
    11 1

    Oaty chocolate pancakes with peanut butter, maple syrup and banana 😋


    28 days ago
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  • lateralaus

    February 8th at 7:24pm
    19 2

    What have I become that this is my idea of relaxing?! 😐


    2 months ago
    Perfection 🤣


    2 months ago
    Perfection 👌
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  • lateralaus

    February 3rd at 9:34am
    12 2

    Breakfast of champions! 👑 heated oaty cinnamon pancakes with peanut butter and Reece's peanut butter cups 👍🏻


    2 months ago
    Oh meh gurds!


    2 months ago
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