We’re a little overwhelmed in this photo cause New Orleans can be a tad overwhelming, but hey, at least we’re overwhelmed togetherrrrr...I love my family more than anything 😊 so thankful for them, especially for the fact that they flew to New Orleans to spend Easter/Passover/April Fool’s Day/time with me ❤️

Lol I’m in New Orleans with my Gramma!
But I’m about to leave to see my mom
I love youuuuu❤️❤️
Nice one
Estuvo lindo?
I live in Louisiana and I live in nola
I’m so upset I live here but like I was in Florida. Lol New Orleans is the most fun city ever. I hope u enjoyed it! Yes it can be a tad over whelming at times haha
Beautiful I wish I could be there ❤️
y’all look like pickles
Loove you
I'm there
Yu were in New Orleans! I thought that was City Park on ur story but I wasn’t positive but it looked really similar and then I look on ur Insta and sure enough you are In New Orleans! I hope you have fun! I love you! I live there and it’s truly an amazing experience
Everbody looks ***********
You look pretty