Cause it’s Coachella weekend 🌴⛵️flashback to my first time at Coachella when I got to hang on a boat with @younghollywood and @tonymoras (and I had a wardrobe issue so I came 45 minutes late 😩😩)

Я тебя обожаю
Ross better of piped this
I’m a 12 year old girl i escaped my own county with my family from the constant threats of the people who ******** my grandpa and uncles. We came to turkey seeking help from UNHCR. Apparently UNHCR take a long time to review the cases which gives plenty of time for the ******* of my grandpa and uncles to do as they threat to do. And because I’m catholic we can’t complain to our countries government to protect us. I will send this to all the famous people around the world in hope of one of them being able to help us.(I really want to go to school and study again😢)PLEASE HELP
Laur i admire
i’m jealous
my bestie and i almost went man
hope it was fun
wooooow cooooool
تابعوني أنزل أخبار المشاهير حول العالم
Hey u too nice photo 👍🏻
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Loveee you😍😍
You have given me a freedom, I have never known, you are the one baby and I really know, exactly how I am feeling, the love of you now, how I show you everyday, Laura, now, the sound of me and you together, remember you started, this loving devotion from me to You, the fire ablaze inside of me, you're the one I live it's true, boombox lady, sing with me in tune, sonically there's much for us to do, speaking our hears and minds, the energy flowing from our hearts it's true, baby you're the one, I love you so very dear, it is obviously wife clear, the path the say my the method of our life, together forever is my intention, pay attention girl, you are the one baby, my live my hope and my world + (C) 2018 ames Bernard Schumacher 3 for Laura Marie Marano
I LOVE LAURA MARANO SO MUCH!! I just wish one day I could actually talk to her in real life! She is so kind and thoughtful, WHAT A QUEEN XX :)