Lysanne Lemieux @lili86

Mom of one little dude, dreamer, book lover, taking life one day at a time! Love the journey.

  • lili86

    January 18th at 6:25am
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    Rocking that country redneck look.

  • lili86

    January 1st at 8:22pm
    12 4

    Happy new year friends!!!! If you're looking for me today, I'll just be here. Not moving. Ugh. #gettingwaytoooldforshots #stupidfireballs


    18 days ago


    19 days ago
    Happy new year!! 🎆


    19 days ago
    Bahaha no doubt!!


    19 days ago
    Elle a l'air douce ta doudou 😊
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  • lili86

    December 27th at 6:07pm
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    When you're feeling great but he's got a "poopy" situation going on lol. Sick at Christmas, who does that! lol #lovehimanyways #juststayaway

  • lili86

    December 25th at 7:24am
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    Ready for Christmas morning with the two men in my life. Can't wait to see Nathan's reaction.

  • lili86

    December 22nd at 2:53am
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    Looking so dignified after his Christmas performance. My heart. #mybabyyoullbe

  • lili86

    December 9th at 5:35am
    11 2

    Christmas party glitter galore. Blatant duck lips and I don't even care lol ''tis the season!


    1 month ago
    You shouldn't care. Girl, you look hot!


    1 month ago
    Tu es super jolie!
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  • lili86

    December 9th at 5:33am
    4 0

    Little ginger weirdo

  • lili86

    November 22nd at 3:32am
    9 0

    The glamorous life of a TD widow when her kid is at his dads. Crotchet. Tea. Cats. LOL. This is what single me would look like.

  • lili86

    November 11th at 3:46am
    12 0

    Therapy. Best therapy. It listens and understands. PLQ survival.

  • lili86

    October 29th at 3:57am
    14 0

    Last minute Halloween costume for work. Half the people didn't know what I was. Come on!

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